Common sense … fleeting

Wouldn’t it be nice if Sen Sanders and other progressives pushing more deficit spending could grasp these concepts? Wouldn’t it be grand if the best long-term interest of all Americans, including future generations, took priority over political parties?

Many Americans want more, but few of us want to face the costs, the long-term liabilities or pay higher taxes.

Then, in state­ments and re­marks Wednesday and Thurs­day, Mr. Manchin laid down mark­ers that Democrats can no longer ig­nore. He won’t support more than $1.5 tril­lion in new spending. He says “social pro­grams must be tar­geted to those in need, not ex­panded be­yond what is fis­cally pos­si­ble.” He’s will­ing to raise some taxes, but noth­ing like what’s in the $2.1 tril­lion House Ways and Means bill.

Wall Street Journal 10-1-21

“What I have made clear to the Pres­i­dent and Democratic leaders,” Mr. Manchin said in a statement, “is that spend­ing tril­lions more on new and ex­panded gov­ern­ment pro­grams, when we can’t even pay for the es­sen­tial so­cial pro­grams, like So­cial Se­cu­rity and Medicare, is the de­f­i­n­tion of fis­cal insan­ity.” He’s right.

Wall Street Journal 10-1-21


  1. The left always talks about paying your fair share for the billionaires. But, what about the average Joe. In 1984 I made $12,509 paid $743 tax on $5,309 in taxable income, after standard deduction and exemptions. Today I pay zero tax on $37,520, which is $3,000 more than my 1984 income , inflation adjusted, Millions of people with average incomes pay little or no federal income tax. How is that fair in a society where the cost of government is supposed to be shared by all citizens, except for those who qualify for welfare benefits?????


  2. Anyone out there from West Virginia? If you are, please approach Mr. Manchin and suggest he take the position that the D’s can have any spending they want AFTER they put in place Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid reforms that ensure those programs are intergenerationally equitable, and indefinitely sustainable (and that means provisions that automatically adjust benefits and/or funding as necessary) for all future years. What’s wrong with his statement is that he says $1.5 Trillion of new spending, and doesn’t make it contingent on fixing what’s already broken.

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  3. Dick at this point in my life, 80 years old, I’m changing to the democrat party. I want everything for free let the next generation pay for it. When I retired in 1999 I sold my house and put the money in the bank, I was getting 10% on my money. Now its .05. Today I read in Newark they are giving 400 families and individuals $500.00 per month no strings attached. I worked 40 years in the s*** in Newark and their giving away free money. How do I get in line?


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