Federal program offers cash to cover COVID-19 funeral costs

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COVID may have created unfortunate and unexpected deaths, but no more so that any other unexpected cause of death, no more than an unfortunate accident.

BOSTON (AP) — When Wanda Olson’s son-in-law died in March after contracting COVID-19, she and her daughter had to grapple with more than just their sudden grief. They had to come up with money for a cremation. Even without a funeral, the bill came to nearly $2,000, a hefty sum that Olson initially covered.

She and her daughter then learned of a federal program that reimburses families up to $9,000 for funeral costs for loved ones who died of COVID-19.

Olson’s daughter submitted an application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, received a deposit by June and was able to reimburse her mother the $1,974. “Had this not been available, we would have been paying the money ourselves,” said Olson, 80, of Villa Rica, Georgia. “There wasn’t any red tape.

This was a very easy, well-handled process.” As of Dec. 6, about 226,000 people had shared in the nearly $1.5 billion that FEMA has spent on funeral costs that occurred after Jan. 20, 2020, the date of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the U.S.

With the nation’s coronavirus death toll topping 800,000, it’s clear that many families who are eligible for reimbursement have yet to take advantage of the funeral benefit.

Source: Federal program offers cash to cover COVID-19 funeral costs


  1. Q: What should we do with people who rely on government handouts, but refuse to work?
    A: Kick them out of congress.


  2. I haven’t looked into the rationale for making the Covid funeral payment but it is an overreach of the government to make the payments. If the death was the result of government action, I could understand. I just chalk it up to another giveaway even though I do feel sorrow for those folks who did pass away from the virus.


    1. Covid deaths were then and remain now to be trump’s greatest of all of his failures, the result of tump’s inaction, his ignoring or denying the threat for the first…10 months. That’s government inaction mind you. That’s government liability.

      Just to be clear, I seem to recall the GOP Benghazi alarm bells accusing Hillary of…inaction. That prompted no less than…9 investigations, all ending with the same conclusion which was…?


  3. There’s a 100% chance that if you’re reading this, you’re going to die. So why is our government only covering costs for people who die from Covid? I’ve seen way too many friends and acquaintances suddenly die through the years from accidents, undiagnosed medical conditions, combat action… Why shouldn’t they be covered too? Why shouldn’t YOU be covered when your time has come just because you died of something else?

    So I guess my question isn’t so much “Why is the government covering covid” as it is “why is the government JUST covering covid”? What’s the game here? Smells like politics to me.


  4. I don’t want to seem cold but as the saying goes there are only two things guaranteed in life, death and taxes. My response at the time was; is FEMA going to pay for burials after every declared emergency?
    In some cases where a financial test is required or if multiple members in a single family died (from covid-19 or a tornado, etc.) I can see the government helping. But as a general rule, no. If I die tomorrow of natural causes, I expect no help from the government.
    And what did they spent his stimulus on? I believe the IRS just sent out checks based on the prior returns and were not taking checks back at the time. Did the dead man get a check or checks since it was probably a joint filing?


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