Remember the rhetoric

The US Debt hit $30 trillion years ahead of projected, the result of a pandemic spending spree, including stimulus checks – largely unneeded – that also helped fuel inflation. Remember all the political rhetoric and promises – not to mention the ongoing calls for even more spending and promises of free stuff from government. Oh yeah, and the failure to fund existing Medicare and Social Security trusts.

Who will you hold accountable?


  1. What I find fascinating is the consensus among most Americans that somehow, someway, the various stimulus payments WON’T HAVE TO BE REPAID by taxpayers! They think someone else will pay, perhaps the 1% or the French?

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  2. I blame myself for not getting other voters to vote the career criminals, I mean politicians out of office. Instead, my fellow voters just want more free stuff.
    I blame myself for letting the schools indoctrinating our children into thinking the under socialism, everything is better. Look what parents found out when they had to help their children with remote learning.
    I blame social media, which I do not use, and main stream media for the mob mentality and group think that is censoring, canceling, and otherwise silencing different points of view. This is preventing people from critical thinking and asking questions.

    Look at the lies that the Canadian news is putting out about the truckers. If you can see any live feeds here in the USA, you’ll feel sorry for their freedom in Canada. Now look at the American news and ask yourself , what lies are they telling us. Check out some off shore news outlets and it is not the same spin.

    $30 trillion is nothing. Wait until the interest rates go up. Even without any more spending, the interest to pay back the national debt will be crippling.


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