How much?

How much superfluous money do you need to spend $5,000 and much more on a ticket to a football game? Surely there can’t be any average, working, paycheck to paycheck Americans in attendance.

I just saw the credit card bill.


  1. We are about the same age and I totally agree with most of what you write regarding the spending habits of many Americans – no planning for retirement, no savings, no common sense, “keeping up with the Jones”, etc. – and the ultimate waste of money: tattoos!!! – big bucks to disfigure your body for life!!??
    As a political scientist, I never dreamed that our country contained so many tattooed white supremacy racists until Trump found them under rocks to resist 8 years of a black man in the White House – Although a complete failure in business, Trump knew that a very large share of our population were morons who would believe any big lie
    And now, our precious democracy is being destroyed by Republican fascists declaring that January 6th, 2021 was “legitimate political discourse”
    Give voice to your love of country, Mr. Quinn


    1. I agree with you on that. It’s scary stuff. Ignorance abounds. But there is a another force at work as well – the far left. Politicians who seek to divide us, create misleading narratives, make promises without explaining possible consequences or how they will be paid for. Makes you wonder why politicians can’t tell the full truth.


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