Paying for the promises

If you are among those Americans who accept on face value that all the social promises being made by our far left politicians cannot be paid for or paid for only by a small percentage, think again.

Look especially at the Scandinavian and European countries often held up as models for the US.

These are the income, sales (VAT) and corporate taxes around the world?


  1. The UK and European countries along with Scandinavians do have high tax rates. I suspect the United States would not look as good in comparison if the state and local sales were to be included along with property taxes (which are higher in some areas than others around the US) and state income taxes along with the SS and Medicare bite which is a good chunk out of most paychecks. So we don’t get off as easy as the chart would show.


    1. Those charts don’t give the full picture like payroll taxes, surtaxes and fees on certain items. Denmark had a 50% tax on a car purchase. I think they lowered it a but though.


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