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I make the mistake of following extreme left politicians and their supporters on Twitter, especially Senators Sanders and Warren and Representative Jayapal… and that most annoying “economist” Robert Reich.

It used to be entertaining, but now it’s just scary, especially so when you see the number of “likes” their Tweets receive.

Why is that scary? Because what they Tweet contains misleading and incomplete information and promises without consideration of consequences – and without mentioning the costs or the new taxes needed to pay for them.

Their Tweets intentionally seek to divide Americans by social status and income while creating envy and distrust. Big business and CEOs are bad, insurance companies bad, the wealthy are bad, profit is bad and greedy.

There is no attempt to connect any portion of the economy with any other as if there is no cause and effect or reaction to actions.

Jayapal wants to cut the defense budget when the world is more at growing risk from the actions of Russia and China and a growing alliance between them. China is eating our lunch all over the world while the US worries about inequality.

Sanders screams greed at corporate profits and tries to convince uninformed workers CEO pay somehow takes from their ability to get a raise. He ignores the role corporate earnings and stock prices pay in Americans investments and retirement security.

Warren convinces us the system is rigged and if only the “wealthy” paid more taxes we could have every benefit of a Scandinavian country free to us. She is obsessed with forgiving student loans without regard to need, facts, circumstances or other criteria. She used to call for lower interest rates on the loans.

Interestingly, whatever the topic of the day may be, they all Tweet the same message, often using the same buzz words.


By the way A 2020 study found that “NIH funding contributed to (basic) research associated with every new drug approved from 2010-2019, totaling $230 billion.” Much of that may be basic research that doesn’t necessarily contribute to specific new drugs. Pharma spent $83 billion on R&D in 2019 alone.

And the world thought Goebbels was a master at propaganda. 😢


    1. Yes, there certainly are exceptions to high drug costs that are or may be outrageous. But the fact is the vast majority of the most used medications are quite reasonable. In any case it’s about mire than the end price, but the whole process.

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  1. Most of those that read this site probably know who Joseph Goebbels was but very few, probably 1% or less of those under 40, know who he was in the Nazi disinformation, misinformation, propaganda machine. He and the three mentioned worked or work on the premise “the bigger the lie, the more easy it is to sale to the masses”.

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  2. You certainly did stumble into it when you started getting the tweets from the 3 you named above. I don’t know if they believe the malarkey they put out or not but it is spouted unceasingly. Talk about dividing the country.


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