Something to think about. More unintended consequences?

Regulators in many parts of the country are attempting to further speed the build-out of renewable energy in response to concerns about climate change. A number of states have enacted mandates to eliminate carbon emissions from the grid in the coming decades, and the Biden administration has set a goal to do so by 2035.

The pace of change, hastened by market forces and long-term efforts to reduce carbon emissions, has raised concerns that power plants will retire more quickly than they can be replaced, creating new strain on the grid at a time when other factors are converging to weaken it.

The Power Struggle WSJ


  1. I am so sick and tired of The “CHICKEN LITTLES” we have in government and the media, who tell us, we are all going to die, today! Even with Covid, I bet 90% of the people that were alive in Jan 2020 are still with us. I have been in 120 degree heat in Death Valley, CA and in bitter -50 below in Great Falls, MT and guess what, I survived. The so called experts cannot even predict the temperature correctly a month from today and they want me to believe they know what the temperature will be 78 years from today, CRAZY! Look at the technology gains in the last 50, years. Most of them were not predicted. Who knows what life will be like in 2100, but I believe climate change will not be as big of a problem as the people pushing the climate change religion, think. All to make or take money off the people in increased taxes and fees.

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  2. Another topic that it is very hard to find the truth on and being able to separate facts from politics is climate change. The Earth has been warming since the last ice age and the population has exploded so yes man has increase the pace of global warming.

    This morning I read an online article that some professor did a study stating that by 2050 with 100% renewals,
    electric demand will be cut by 57%. I was unable to find that article again. I really wanted to know how renewables cut demand while the US energy demand is increasing by 2.7% per year even in a pandemic.

    Another thing that is never talked about is that windmills and solar panels only have an operating life of between 25-30 years. What is the cost to recycle the windmills, solar panels, and batteries and then replace them? Some coal plants have lasted 100 yrs. Some nuclear plants are licensed for 60 years.

    Now, I am pro nuke as a carbon free source of baseload electric power. (Full disclosure: I am biased since I was a nuclear reactor operator.) But nuclear energy has it issues too. I can tell you that as a baseload plant, my plant supplied the entire electric load that remain following hurricane Sandy for the state of NJ. One Christmas many years ago, all 4 of NJ nuclear power plants supplied the entire state with carbon free power to power the Christmas lights. Since then one plant was closed. Our summer work day load demand is triple the Christmas demand. I am not sure if NJ even has enough space to put up that many windmills and solar panels on our state’s farm land to replace that amount of power.

    In my last bill from Atlantic City Electric, the source report was that electric generation from gas was 38.5%, nuclear 33.5, coal 21.8%, hydro 1.2%, oil 0.17%, and renewables was 4.8% (3.29% was wind and only 0.62% was solar). A nuclear plant cannot be turned off during the day and back on at night. Even coal and gas plants have to be kept in a hot standby status to follow the load. Solar and wind have a long way to go in 13 years to make a real impact replacing over 95% of the current generation capacity.

    But in the meantime banks are making feel good promises and not financing fossil fuel plants. This will become an issue until renewable are able to take over the demand.


  3. There will be unintended consequences in spades with the war in fossil fuels. Oil companies are foregoing new exploration in anticipation of decreasing demand as well as the power plants scheduled to retire sooner. Coal is a four letter word (sorry but I had to write that). Nuclear power is not an option. We are going to run out of fuel because the low volts in Washington think that passing a law is the be all to a problem.


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