Can’t help but wonder

Washington, D.C. – A record 31.4 million American adults plan to bet on Super Bowl LVI, a 35 percent increase from 2021, according to new American Gaming Association research. Bettors will wager an estimated $7.61 billion on this year’s championship game, up $3.33B (78%) from last year.

I WONDER … how many of those folks are in the numbers who:

live paycheck to paycheck, can’t afford their prescriptions, have no money in the bank, can’t pay student loans and have no money to save for the future? How many bet with their stimulus check?

I wonder the same about the thousands who spent $5,000 and more to attend the game.

Yeah, I’m cynical and I’m being snarky, but guess what? There is an element of truth there. The great generalizations- often based on surveys- often lead us in the wrong direction, spending money unnecessarily and setting policies to solve problems that either don’t exist or are not as they seem – think each new crisis.

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