Stock market correction?


  1. Stay the Course, but in the future make sure you have enough in a cash reserve for at least 1 year of planned withdraws or RMD’s.


  2. Sit tight. Buy if it gets a lot lower

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    1. Buy with what? (Not sarcasm, about a third of our money is in cash and government bonds.) But that’s why it’s there, because of volatile markets. I am a novice investor, at best, and scared as hell to try to time the market.
      Also… my wife wouldn’t let me.


      1. Keeping a bit of $$ in your equity account is a good thing to do for situations like this. I invest 25% of my equity reserve for each drop of 5-10% where it will allow me to decrease my basis. In addition, the current situation is an opportunity to move equities from an IRA to a Roth.


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