2023 Social Security COLA

Based on the February 2022 CPI-W compared with the base number used for the 2023 calculation, the 2023 COLA WOULD BE 3.92%

Needless to say that percentage could and will like change especially if inflation stays at high levels.


  1. Dick, your estimate seems low. Inflation is greater than early, middle, or late 2021, yet your 3.92% is only 66% of the 2022 5.9% COLA.


    1. I just followed the formula comparing the CPI-W average for Jul, Aug, Sep 2021 with Feb 2022. It will change over the year when we compare 2022 three month average.


  2. To me, it’s kind of irrelevant. Last year the COLA went up, but my Medicare went up even more. So, I lost money.


    1. Actually that’s not possible. You certainly did not get to keep all the COLA because of the large increase in Part B premiums, but the law prevents anyone from losing money. You SS benefit cannot go down because of a Part B increase.


      1. You’re correct in to the point that the payment was not less. My point was that getting a COLA increase while also getting a large increase to the Part B premiums in essence significantly diminishes the value of the COLA increase. l’m going in the negative direction even when there’s a decent COLA increase.


    2. Healthcare cost has a higher inflation rate than other parts of my budget. So not a surprise to me that we are paying more for healthcare than the previous year. Besides, part of SS COLA is paying for part of the inflation increase to our budget.

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  3. I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery.

    I enjoy reading your thoughts on retirement matters. On politics, not do much.

    Do you think someone could start in the mailroom of a large company, go to night school and work their way up to VP today?

    Ray van der Horst 513.535.7841



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