Who subsidizes whom?

We ended up selecting the BCBSVT Vermont Preferred Silver 87, which provides a subsidy for our monthly cost as well as our co-pays and deductibles. On this plan, we pay $52 a month for two adults. Coverage for children varies wildly by state and Vermont automatically covers all children for free if you are under 400% FPL (there’s no other option). In general, it seems that if your income is under 400% FPL, it will probably make sense to get a Silver CSR plan if you qualify.


400% of the federal poverty level for a family of four is $111,000 in 2022. For an individual it is $54,360.

While Medicare beneficiaries are heavily subsidized for Part B and D, by comparison a Medicare couples basic premium of $340 a month plus Part D around $70 more for two seems less subsidized than the family of four shown above. Oh, add another $400 a month or so for Medigap.


  1. Who subsidizes whom?

    Those who pay income and payroll taxes subsidize everyone else! And, to the extent that those revenues are not adequate …

    FUTURE taxpayers (individuals too young to vote today and those generations yet unborn) will have to subsidize everyone who came before – either directly through their taxes while prior generations live, or indirectly as a result of leftover federal debts and deficits. The only other alternative will be for the fed to monetize the debt and unfunded legacy liabilities like Social Security and Medicare – indefinitely depressing the standard of living for generations to come.

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  2. It has become clear to me that keeping income below certain levels can lead to a good lifestyle these days. It can be done without tying up your time with a lot of work and worrying over savings and expenses. It just takes some study into all the freebies and near freebies available.

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  3. I wonder how Vermont picked 400% FPL? They might as well just make healthcare free to all residents of Vermont. Bernie Sanders could then point to his home state as an example of free socialized medicine and the resulting higher taxes for all to pay for it. Already the population is so small (613,000+) that there is a lack of choice.

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