COLA misinformation

The Senior Citizens League supported its prediction (7.6% SS COLA) based on current consumer price indices (CPI). Remember that this aspect – the CPI – is the same that the SSA takes into account when adjusting the monthly checks of Social Security beneficiaries when inflation is high.

No it isn’t‼️ The Social Security COLA is based on the CPI-W using a three month average.


  1. Is The Senior Citizens League a Scam?
    By Staff WriterLast Updated March 24, 2020
    The Senior Citizens League has been involved in at least one scam involving hoax fliers sent to senior citizens. The fliers promised extra Social Security income if the senior citizens submitted personal information to the Senior Citizens League.

    The Senior Citizens League entered the personal information received into a database. The hoaxed senior citizens were then sent letters asking for donations to the Senior Citizens League. The Senior Citizens League has also been accused of repeatedly sending out misleading fliers and mailings intended to scare senior citizens into donating money to the organization. The Senior Citizens League is a registered nonprofit organization that purports to educate and protect senior citizens.

    Just another non-profit getting rich off their brand of propaganda, while not paying a dime in taxes.


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