Dangerous people. 😰

Sen Sanders Tweeted the following. Needless to say Bezo’s wealth has nothing to do with Amazon pay practices. Regardless, this inflammatory pandering gets results. Greed is a trigger word.

I replied to the above Tweet saying that Bezos owns less than 10% of Amazon and is no longer CEO as of July 2021. His growth in wealth is the result of his many business ventures. Here is the result when one of Sanders followers replied to me. Clearly Sanders has an impact on the poorly informed and easily influenced.

Political rhetoric is dangerous when designed to mislead and inflame.


  1. I am assuming that these tweets are sometime this week. Doing a quick Google search, I did find a headline that Jeff Bezos did step down on a Monday. It is a shame that this woman didn’t bother to read dateline on the article of July 2, 2021.

    I knew it was sometime last year just as you said. It was on July 7, 2021 for the record.

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  2. You poked the hornets’ nest when you mentioned some facts. The hornets know what they know, and they only listen to other hornets. A nasty bunch too according to their replies. Sanders plays this game well and keeps his support up with his storylines.

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