Without the facts

During my working years not a day went by when I didn’t receive a call or e-mail from an employee complaining about their health benefits, what one of our vendors had told them, etc. It didn’t take long to realize that very often what I was told was not true, not complete or important information was left out.

Sometimes when the complaint was about one of our vendor representatives and what they had told the employee I’d simply say, “no problem, I’ll pull the recorded conversation and listen.” Oops, “that might be exactly what they said.”🤣

Recently on a Facebook retirement group a person posted, “my social security at 62 will be 2,500/monthly.

That just didn’t sound right given he said he currently earned $80,000 a year, so I posted.

“Are you sure about that SS benefit? I just used the SS quick calculator using the info you provided and the benefit is not near $2500 a month.” It was actually $1,411.00.

The person who posted replied, “no, in fact it is my USA SS and my foreign pension combined.

That bit of misinformation generated a unnecessary discussion and created a false impression as to the amount of SS benefits. I doubt he was being malicious, just the foibles of human nature.

And just another reason to question what you read if it just doesn’t sound right.

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