What data say is a living wage – by state

There is no such thing as a single living wage. A living wage varies greatly by location and family status. When $15.00 an hour is thrown around as the goal for a living wage, it may or may not be valid – mostly not. $15.00 an hour equals $31,200 per year. A full years work is 2080 hours.
“The term “living wage,” refers to the minimum annual income an individual or household needs to earn to be exempt from federal programs for the needy. The threshold is based on data from the U.S. government’s poverty guidelines.
But the Living Wage Calculator includes some factors generally not considered by the government such as child care and other expenditures based on specific geographic data.
Let’s take a look at what you need to earn annually, before taxes, in each state based on the Living Wage Calculator.” Needless to say inflation has a big impact.
Living Wages for Each State in 2021
Alabama — $28,652
Alaska — $31,333
Arizona — $31,077
Arkansas — $27,652
California — $38,823
Colorado — $34,009
Connecticut — $33,240
Delaware — $31,868
District of Columbia — $41,850
Florida — $30,825
Georgia — $31,940
Hawaii — $40,412
Check the link below for all the states.
Source: What You Actually Need To Earn To Get By in Every State – Clark Howard

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  1. Very good info and an eye opener for someone who hasn’t raised a child in some years. I checked my county and everything looks as expected except anyone renting the direction is higher.
    It should be required reading for anyone who is planning on retiring on a barebones budget. They probably will want to work longer.

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