Let’s think about what M4A means

Read this carefully.

Is that Medicare for All unlike current Medicare with its deductibles, co-insurance and no out of pocket limit? Medicare doesn’t work without buying additional coverage and paying additional premiums.

Will M4A not be paid for with taxes, premiums and cost- sharing?

It’s like these politicians don’t think before they Tweet. Well it’s not like they don’t think, they don’t think because they are using propaganda and they don’t want you to think either.


  1. The tweet had some suspicious numbers about the number of people with medical bills giving the impression that these were large outstanding bills.

    At any rate, the wife and I are on the hook 340 per month combined with an additional 3500 annually for supplemental coverage plus copayments for meds not to mention dental. Medicare ain’t free unless they mean Medicaid for all. Likewise, the 1.45% from the paychecks would have to go up about 5 times to spread coverage across everybody. That’s just a wag, it may be much more than that. Healthcare is expensive no matter how they talk.

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    1. Employers on average pay 8% of payroll for health benefits today and that is mainly high deductible plans. Compare that with Medicare let alone greatly enhanced M4A

      Dick Richard D Quinn Blogging at Quinnscommentary.net and HumbleDollar.com Twitter @quinnscomments


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