What a world

I really must stop using Twitter, it is simply too frustrating.

Who saddled who with debt, who made choices, who benefits from this investment? And then we have NJ promoting the use of a drug to create a new industry. Good thing Musk or Bezos didn’t do that or Sanders would surely have something to say.

Did you notice the cannabis ads on TV? They even call it “happiness in a bottle.”

Take no responsibility for your actions and make your troubles go away by spraying marijuana in your mouth. Now that’s progress.


  1. I am not a big conspiracy theory person but after covid I am starting to believe. (Disclaimer: I am not saying covid wasn’t real nor bad). Going back before Trump was elected, I was noticing things. During covid, it is totally apparent that the government wants total control over its subjects. They used lockdowns, masks, and money to keep the population at home. BLM rioters became “peaceful protesters” on TV as they burned down cities and looted everything they could. Government openly wants to take your guns so you can’t fight back.
    Government is taking away parental rights. Some democrats fully deny the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. SCOTUS has trouble enforcing the US Constitution against both parties. It seems that the only way things get done is by executive order and how is that Constitutional to do for everything? Education has become indoctrination. Students in NJ can change their name and the school has to change all their records without informing the parents (or the courts?) They want you to believe that healthcare and education should be free and want you to forget your about paying back your debt. They have wreck the economy by selective business closures. The government took on too much debt. The Feds just kept printing money and as a result the worst inflation in 40+ years. The US government is a joke and mocked in other countries openly on their government sponsored TV shows. Now the government wants a drugged population, who will not pass drug tests to keep their jobs.

    This is just in America. There are similar horror stories in other “free” countries around the world.

    Let’s not forget that we now have the war in the Ukraine which may destroy Europe.

    I could go on. The facts can be disputed and I may be proven wrong on one or two things. But my point here is what is the end game? Why are people so will and why are people becoming so dependent on the government. What is going to happen when the government finally reveals the truth. Will the population be too dependent to do anything.

    The only comfort that I have is that I don’t have much time left on this Earth. I think Billy Joel summed it up best in his song I Didn’t Light The Fire.


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