Fed up with excuses

“A recent study from the career experts Zety says that 40% of respondents fear retirement more than death. And almost nine in 10 responded that their biggest retirement fear is not having enough income. For married couples, planning retirement for two people can be complicated. How much they will need will depend on their financial circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of the average retirement savings for couples by age.

Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t putting enough money away for their future. In fact, 25% of Americans have no retirement savings at all according to a report from PWC. And among those who haven’t saved enough for retirement, EBRI research estimates that households as of January 2020 saved $3.68 trillion less than what they should have in their retirement accounts.”

Source of the above: Yahoo.com

Look to your lifestyle. Look to your spending habits. We are not talking about the poor, but very average middle class Americans who are unable to set spending and saving priorities.


  1. “A recent study from the career experts Zety says that 40% of respondents fear retirement more than death.” Well this can’t be really the truth. It might be how they answered the survey, but if they REALY FEAR RETIREMENT, they would be doing something about it. Or they can just keep on working and not retire. You can’t cheat death but you can cheat the fear of retirement by not retiring.

    I believe that the government is working on a plan. With Biden forgiving student loan debt and our national debt already so high, there will be no retirement as everyone will have to work until they die to pay taxes to fund the debt.


    1. I don’t think there is any thought to paying off the national debt. The debt will keep getting larger and paper money will keep going down in value(inflation) and the US will be sold off piecemeal to foreign investors.

      As to the retirement savings issue. I’ve always thought that if corporations with access to a lot of smart people couldn’t figure out how to fund a pension for a 65 year old worker then why is it so surprising that the same worker isn’t making a pension on his/her own. Most of these surveys are from investment groups that want assets under management. There is nothing wrong with seeking business but they never have any idea how people are supposed to come up with these huge monthly savings for retirement.


      1. You do bring up a good point. If smart corporations and even government that knows all the answers can’t fund their pensions, why would a commoner be able to figure it out. (Enough of us did figure it out).
        Today, I also read about an MBA making 6 figures, who can’t figure out how to pay back her student loans and save for retirement. Makes you wonder what company she is helping run into the ground.


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