Just to make ends meet

If you are just making ends meet, it means what?

Just to make ends meet, a family with one adult and two children needs to earn an average of $35.80 an hour — a level of income that is beyond what most households across the country are earning, according to a new study from the 2022 County Health Rankings.

An hourly wage of $35.80 equates to about $74,400 in annual income. The average hourly wage stood at $31.73 in March, or about $66,000 annually, according to the latest government data. That means many families are falling behind in their ability to afford the basics, said Marjory Givens, co-director at the County Health Rankings, which is a program of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

“This is definitely a clear indication that economic security is out of reach for many,” Givens told CBS MoneyWatch. “It is a call to action.”

Source of above: https://apple.news/Ae-QRkLNjSSGLjoLX2rk6PA

Let’s think about this? Why is a one adult and two children used for comparison? And then compared with median household income. How do they then conclude many families can’t afford the basics? Economic security is out of reach?

More than 50% of US households have dual incomes.

Why don’t we ever talk about how families spend their money and on what?

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  1. They shouldn’t have 2 children if they can’t afford to pay for them. That’s a personal problem, not a public problem.


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