Votes for sale

Some of the pres­ident’s ad­vis­ers have pri­vately raised concerns about the le­gal­ity of tak­ing ex­ec­u­tive ac­tion on the is­sue and the po­ten­tial back­lash from peo­ple who have paid off their loans, never took on debt or don’t be­lieve the govern­ment should step in to help cur­rent bor­rowers. Other ad­vis­ers have stressed to the pres­i­dent that debt for­give­ness would pro­vide an eco­nomic boost to low-in­come and minor­ity bor­rowers, adding that the is­sue is pop­u­lar with young voters, who De­moc­rats will need in the com­ing midterm elec­tions.

Wall Street Journal 5-4-22

I thought a college education was supposed to provide an economic boost. Forgiving student loans may be the largest attempt at vote buying in history.

One comment

  1. I personally went to JC for an AA and then to a major college twice for bachelors degrees – all without borrowing money but all while working my tail off. One of our children got a small student loan – long paid off. The other decided to go the certificate route for software and has done fine. I would definitely not be in favor of paying off student loans when many have either already paid them off or never got them.


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