More about 2023 Part B premium

CMS has said if the price cut and use limitations had been known for the drug Aduhelm at the time premiums were set been for 2022, Part B Medicare premium would have been $160.40.

In August 2021 the Trustees projected a 2023 Part B premium of 169.90. That is slightly more than their projected 2022 Part B premium of $158.50. NOTE CMS now says the 2022 premium would have been $160.40, not the projected $158.50 – close but no cigar.

There is no mention in the 2021 trustee report of adjustments for the drug Aduhelm. It wasn’t until November 2021 CMS announced the premium increase for 2022 to $170.10.

Now if you assume increasing costs for Medicare as is always the case, the actual Part B premium for 2023 should be in excess of $170.00, not less – but of course that assumes no political

of the numbers.


  1. Concerning when I sign up for Part A & B (plus other) when I turn 65, I will receive the $4000 supplement from PSE&G but my spouse is only 60. Will she remain on my present coverage and at what percentage of cost?


  2. Your conclusion that the 2023 premium will be higher than 2022 is ignoring if they try to refund the 2022 premium $9.70 over payment as part of the 2023 premium.


    1. Never happen and even if such a refund occurred it would not change the need for an adequate 2023 premium.


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