Totally bogus, totally fake Social Security video

CAUTION the video posted here is bogus, the information is false, it is totally fake and yet it is readily passed around and easily believed by many people.


If you want to learn about Social Security read it’s history on the Social Security website, read my posts on the subject. Apply a common sense test to what you read and hear about the program.


  1. In the video, she claims $90,000 as the max income taxed for SS. That was 2005, 17 years ago and the misinformation about SS and who is covered, how it is paid for and how it is a Ponzi scheme continue.
    I am now 66 and have seen that for benefits distributed vs SS taxes paid, for almost everyone it provides thousands of dollars in inflation adjusted lifetime benefits, not paid for by the people receiving the benefits. The fact that no other investment could guarantee all the benefits provided by the social security system, shows it has been a success. I realize a few changes need to be made to fund the program to projected future benefit levels. Like always Congress and the President will wait until the last possible minute and inflect the most pain in whatever they do to fix SS shortages.


  2. The scary part that there is enough of the truth or facts in that video, that it is believable. For example, using SS numbers was not suppose to used to ID but that has since been changed long ago by Congress.

    Without your warning, I wouldn’t have done a side by side with Some of the numbers are correct. Even the Social Security own history page uses some of those numbers and they are not correct or maybe not current. Two things which caught my eye were the tax rate and the BS about the trust fund which would have made me wonder about the rest of the video..

    I wonder when this was made. I also find it convenient that they forget changes that were done under Regan and the failed attempts by George W Bush to fix Social Security.


  3. What is the source of this nonsense? Stuff like this makes me want to get back into writing so I can call out the fearmongers like this. Irritates me to no end.

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  4. I’m amused by her statement “It’s easy to check out”. So many people today don’t read (other than social media) and won’t do research from credible sources. (which she probably knows so she makes this statement upfront to hook them ).


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