‘Would You Like to Keep This Pregnancy?’ I Asked My 13-Year-Old Patient

This raises many questions, but the big question is why is this true?

In 2006, 127 per 1,000 Hispanic teens (ages 15-19) became pregnant, nearly double the national rate. As of 2019, the birth rate among Hispanic teens ages 15-19 was over two times higher than the rate for white teens. Considering the disparities in education and income levels between the two groups, this is hardly surprising.

And before some readers argue that teen pregnancy and intentional young parenthood is just a “cultural thing” in certain populations, it’s worth pointing out that according to national data, Hispanic people of child-bearing age have much higher rates of unintended pregnancy than their white counterparts. Women of color and undocumented immigrants are also at greater risk for rape. Expectedly, Hispanic people who are pregnant are twice as likely to undergo abortions than white people.

Source: ‘Would You Like to Keep This Pregnancy?’ I Asked My 13-Year-Old Patient | MedPage Today


  1. It is a cultural thing but the breakdown in law and order adds to the increase in pregnancies. When there are large groups heading for the US border, I’ll bet on a large contingent of macho males taking advantage of the situation. This can’t be a good thing long term,


  2. I don’t know the answer to your question , but I will relate this story. When I was in my early thirties and in labor at a hospital thirty two years ago, my husband and I were walking the halls as instructed by the nurses in hopes of speeding up labor. A Hispanic woman approached me and rudely asked how old I was. She looked at my husband with horror when I answered. “She’s too old to have a baby!’ She then proudly told us her 17 year old daughter was in labor with her third child .

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    1. Well, this certainly explains why her 17 year old is having her 3rd. We should be learning all sorts of good things from our parents as we grow, and now just thrilled acceptance of our mistakes.


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