Everyone wants their piece of a non existent pie.

This is the text of an e-mail I received from the Senior Citizens League. It’s totally irresponsible, but I suspect many seniors don’t see it that way. Deficits and debt don’t matter as long as we can all get more from “government.”

Dear Richard,

Forgiven PPP loans and paused student loans. Airline bailouts, extra unemployment benefits, and aid for seniors in Ukraine.

I understand the need to help our fellow countrymen, and I know the needs of seniors worldwide. But what about senior citizens right here? What about you and your loved ones?

Sometimes it seems like Congress has a long list of people to help… and senior citizens are at the back of the list in spite of inflation eroding the ability to cover basic needs.

I am asking you today to sign the “Senior Stimulus” Petitionand join a long list of retirees demanding an immediate $1,400 payment. We’re ready to share this list with key Members of Congress to show them the strength of our cause and the depth of your needs.

We don’t ask for much beyond basic fairness. These are difficult times and those in need are being given a hand, with one major exception. With food prices up close to 18% on average, and energy prices up more than 50%, the real inflation rate that retirees are paying in their day-to-day purchases is closer to 20% or more, much higher than the average 8.5% we hear on the news.

A one-time tax-free “Senior Stimulus” payment of $1,400 to every retiree now on Social Security isn’t even a bail out, it’s a helping hand to the community that has been helping out their entire lives.

Please take a moment right now to sign the “Senior Stimulus” Petition and stand up for the senior citizens of this country. Everyone together has felt the burdens of these past few years, and many have received a hand to get by, but not everyone. Join this growing list in calling for basic fairness and ensure that your voice be heard.

Fighting to Get You $1,400,

Rick Delaney
Board Chairman
The Senior Citizens League

P.S. Sign your petition here and we will add your name to TSCL’s master list of retirees who want a $1,400 “Senior Stimulus” payment. And then back it up with your donation of $12, $15, $25 or more to help me and The League pressure Congress to pass legislation that will get you a one-time “Senior Stimulus” payment of $1,400 per person ($2,800 per couple).


  1. “We don’t ask for much beyond basic fairness. ” Fair + $1400 for each person on SS = beyond fair.
    Interesting that after explaining how seniors can’t afford everything we need to just survive, but then has the nerve to ask us for money that he just explained we don’t have to live. Inflation happens when demand is greater than the supply. We should quit demanding more, including this $1400 stimulus check to do our part to help reduce inflation.


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t there three rounds of covid stimulus payments that seniors received (if joint income less than 150k)? Also, an inflation adjustment was and will be made again to Social Security? I’ve never heard of this organization but I see they are solicitating for donations…..


  3. After reading the plea, it reminded me of a street beggar outside a liquor store.
    “Please give me money for food.”
    “I’ll buy you lunch and help you fill out a job application because they are hiring. ”
    “No, I just want $50 for food”.

    I am sure there are plenty of seniors who need help. But just because you reached some age doesn’t mean you deserve anything. Instead of begging for money, I think asking for help for what you need would be better received. But who am I kidding? This is about seeing how much you can get from vote buy politicans.


  4. No doubt about it. Something for everyone. Tip us 15 or more and we’ll add your name to the handout list. Might be 1400 in it for you. What a bunch of horse feathers.

    A lot of seniors living on SS alone could stand a few bucks but a lot more can get along without it. A classless grasp for loot.


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