Stupid news … or rather writing

I know nothing about this site other than it contains poor writing and misinformation about the SS COLA. Just for fun take a look. Is 8% almost 10% ❓🤔

The administration would do this? No, it’s the law‼️ Every year it increases more and more? No it doesn’t‼️

A Social Security Administration official assured that seniors and all other people who rely on the benefit program could receive a COLA adjustment by the end of the year. This adjustment would involve almost 10%. Exactly, it would be very close to 8%. The Administration would do this in order to get closer to the inflation rate that the country’s economy has at this time.

In this regard, it should be noted that this would be the largest COLA adjustment for more than 40 years. Therefore, the average check of $1,658 would have an increase of $132’64. This increase would raise the average monthly check to $1,790. In addition, the increase would begin to kick in early next year.

After learning this, the Social Security Administration predicts that the COLA increase will not stop. Every year it increases more and more, so it is impossible to think that it will not continue to do so during this year. That’s why the government will try to deal with this increase so that retirees don’t have daily financial problems. Anyway, there is a perfet age to ask for your Social Security retirement and avoid problems with COLA and all of it.


  1. That makes sense as it reads as if someone grabbed a quick answer from an SSA spokesperson and other than that is totally clueless about the topic.


  2. I am multi lingual and it seems to me that this was either written by someone whose first language is not English, or it was written in their native language but they used a poor translator app. I’m mystified as to why they are writing about Social Security though. Maybe to get American readers. There are a lot of websites that write about American movie stars that are written poorly like this. It seems everyone is a journalist now !


      1. I’m a product of our wonderful public school system. I have degree in electrical engineering , two advanced degrees and I speak five languages. Many of my friends also went through the public school system and have very successful careers in medicine, law and business. I doubt it’s the schools. More likely the parents.


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