Inflation Reduction Act

Should it pass, the proposed Act would extend the expanded Affordable Care Act (ACA) program through 2025, so that eligible individuals and families who purchase their health insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace could continue to benefit from lower health care premiums.

Eligibility for the ACA premium tax credit program was temporarily expanded during the pandemic to allow more individuals and families to claim the refundable tax credit for 2021 and 2022.

Ah, temporarily! How are they going to get out of temporary in 2025?

While Congress focuses on the voters using the ACA for healthcare, it seems to forget that many workers getting health benefits through their employer pay far more in premiums than many ACA enrollees. They may have also forgotten that Medicare beneficiaries also pay much higher premiums than many ACA enrollees with subsidized premiums.

What individuals actually paid was much lower; 94% of enrollees (in an ACA plan) qualified for a subsidy, and we helped them access, on average, over $600 per month in savings, bringing the median net premium down to just $47/month. In fact, almost 20% of HealthSherpa enrollees found fully subsidized $0 plans!


    1. an – Please explain this $510 monthly subsidy. My wife and I have been on Medicare for 2 years and have never heard of this.


      1. I think they may be referring to the fact the Part B premium at $171.10 is only about 25% of the actual cost.


      2. Well, the Medicare premium may be only 25% of what it costs, it is still more than zero that many ACA enrollees pay. I have paid 20 months of Medicare premiums and have only been to the doctor once. So, let me get this straight, President Biden was bragging about over 1 trillion in deficit reduction, a few months ago, and now he is adding 760 billion in unfunded spending, CRAZY!!!!!


      3. I have paid for 168 months and just this year for the first time I incurred about fifty thousand in charges. My wife has paid in the same period and she has incurred over $300,000 in bills. The real goal is to pay and not collect a penny in benefits.


  1. Another example of the party in power getting what they really wanted (spending on climate change) with a continuation of aca subsidies and wrapping it in a supposed inflation reduction.

    The bill is just another example of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Somebody has to make up for the “negotiated”price reductions on prescriptions and the subsidies on aca premiums. The whole thing reminds me of the pictures from the Andes of a guy leading a burro and the burro has a huge load of sticks or bags of whatever. The burro just keeps trudging along. That burro is the ordinary tax payer in our picture.


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