Sure “government” can provide. Hop on board

The connection between what government spends and where it gets the money to spend is totally lost on many Americans. No where is that more apparent then spending related to health care and retirement.

According to Sheila on Facebook seniors need to go without dental or eye care once they are 65 and above. So, once we attain age 65 we are all poor or all deserve someone else – like our children and grandchildren – to pay?

Last I looked government’s income comes from a variety of taxes, fees and tariffs plus of course, borrowing from Americas future. Citizens who want more in benefits generally think of government as an endless source of the things they want, deserve and many see the easy solution as taking from other citizens.

Hey Sheila, if we add a 22% Value Added Tax (VAT) – form of national sales tax – as they have in European countries, you could have your dental work “free‼️

Federal, state and local taxes

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  1. Citizens? I think politicians also believe that the Treasury has an endless supply of money too. In December 2021, Congress raised the US debt ceiling to $31.4 Trillion, which we should hit in early 2023. Of course Congress will raise the ceiling again. At some point this house of cards will fall, and then Sheila will only get what the Social Security Trust fund has and what SS Taxes that are collected from working Americans. We must not forget that almost every year she is promised more money in COLAs too. COLAs will be promised but won’t be paid since the fund will be limited. This is assuming that the Social Security is fixed for its unfunded liabilities problem it has now with running out of enough money to cover full benefits by the 2034 time frame.


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