Americans – a question

I asked this question on Twitter and Facebook. I spend a lot of time viewing comments on both especially related to government, politics and social programs like Social Security.

It’s a scary world of misinformation and gullibility out there and people have no problem helping to spread both. Even intelligent and informed people post memes more political propaganda than fact.

What percentage of Americans are incapable of sound judgment, of acting responsibly, are gullible, can’t manage money or are easily influenced and manipulated?

Of course, there is no way to get an accurate answer. I have my opinion, but how about yours?


  1. At least half the people out there are morons. I’d add another 15% that are slightly above average for a total of 65%.


  2. When you ask what percentage of Americans are incapable of certain activities there is an assumption that some people can’t do certain things due to some disability on their part.

    I don’t believe most people are incapable of the activities you list. Some are better at managing money than others, some are more gullible than others (advanced age seems to increase gullibility) some don’t save as much as recommended but that doesn’t make them incapable. Drug addiction and alcoholism does render people incapable until they can get rid of the addiction. The bottom line is different strokes for different folks and because they aren’t living to a prescribed level all the time doesn’t make them incapable and doesn’t mean they will be paupers in old age. For example, I can think of at least 4 guys who I know well who don’t have an IRA or 401k and as far as I know they have nothing invested in the stock market. All 4 are multi millionaires who have successful businesses and investments in properties and rentals. You might look at the surface and say they are incapable because they don’t save 20-25% religiously and they don’t have pensions accrued and they don’t give a second thought to the status of social security.
    So what percentage of Americans are incapable? I don’t know. What percentage are addicted or drunk or mentally challenged? That’s where your answer lies.


  3. I agree with Dwayne in that at some point everyone is apt to fall into one of ‘flawed’ categories. That having been said. in my opinion, there does appear to be a great percentage of Americans who are guilty of many of the flaws on a regular basis perhaps in the area of 60-70%. The remaining folks are probably only occasionally flawed and of course I will add that 100% of us think we are in that thirty percent!! (haha)



  4. That answer is easy. 100% of Americans are incapable of sound judgment, of acting responsibly, are gullible, can’t manage money OR are easily influenced and manipulated.

    I say 100% because the question is an “or” and not an “and” question. Everyone of us has fallen into one of those categories once or twice. The homeless and addicts is a starting point for the those who can’t act responsible or of poor judgement. How many people are in jail? How many college students can’t manage money or their student loans? How many foreclosures are there? How many people owe more on credit cards than they earn? How many people get tattoos when they they should be saving for retirement? How many people pay professionals to manage their money only to be ripped off from con artist or from Bernie Madoff who also got some professional fund managers too.

    Then there are people who actually believe politicians of either party and are easily influenced and manipulated. But they still will keep voting the same way. My latest example is President Biden. I am only picking on him because his is currently in office. But how many senior citizens who demand high COLA increase this year because of inflation believe President Biden when he said last week that inflation during the month of July was zero? If this was true then these same seniors must realize that prices didn’t go up at the supermarket and that there is no reason for a large COLA and the calculation that figures out the COLA increase will prove him correct. Or they can believe their own bank accounts. There will be seniors who will vote for Biden again, if he ran in 2024, strictly because AARP or some other group told them to vote that way or they just vote democrat no matter what. It doesn’t matter that he outright lied about inflation.

    So, the answer is 100% of Americans are incapable of sound judgement at one time or another. It is not the same people time after time although some might compound their problems and be in more than one category.

    The question is how many Americans figure out that they had a lapse of judgement and do something about it?


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