“Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust” … is a sham giveaway

My support for Social Security 2100 is for the original bill several years ago. “Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust,” is a giveaway solving nothing. It increases benefits across the board and MAY extend solvency three years by higher taxes on 4/10% of wage earners.

Progressive politicians can’t seem to grasp the two sides or long-term consequences of anything. It’s all give and no take or financial prudence … it’s all about misleading Americans into believing they can have a broad – based social structure financed by a tiny percentage of citizens – or not financed at all.

Take a look at the original Social Security 2100 Act of 2017 compared with the Sacred Trust and see how far left Congress has moved.

One comment

  1. The new bill shows how dearly the dems love students, by extending benefits to age 26. They also love all public employees, especially the ones subject to windfall and government pension offsets, by eliminating those provisions. Toss in a 2% raise for all recipients and there is pandering to a huge chunk of voting public. They sure know which buttons to push.


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