Conservative or Liberal?

The divisions between these points of view, caused mostly by the extremes at both ends of the political spectrum where there is little compunction to be truthful, are destroying our Country.

I have reviewed this entire document (and I hope you will too) and guess what? Even my modest amount of common sense makes it clear that on most issues honest, reasonable and forthright individuals should be able to seek compromise and move our politics to a moderate middle.

Prepared by the Institute for Policy Studies is a progressive organization promoting liberal ideals. However, I think this comparison is reasonably accurate. Take a look at the full, issue by issue, analysis here.


  1. I briefly went down their explanations of each viewpoint and it is broadly accurate but misleading in some areas. For example, the open border position of the dems does not jive with the description given. Also there is a lot of animosity toward religion by a lot of people that goes beyond the separation of church and state issue. I don’t know whether all the animosity comes from people identifying as liberal/conservative. The issue of gun control is maddening between those who would ban guns and the other side. The issue of non punishment of crime is another issue that is not addressed.

    So yes, there is an easy litmus test of broad values between liberal and conservative but there is no way to reconcile many of the issues separating the two. As a conservative, I see the libs wanting to steamroll me into the pavement with their nonsense. There is no middle.


    1. Someone mentioned to me there is big difference between an honest conservative (Goldwater, Buckley, etc.) and todays far right wing. I put myself in the Buckley camp.


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