$10,000 is not enough?

Here is the American far left in action, short-sighted, naive and no understanding of or caring about individual responsibility – or government finances and debt. And having very low esteem for the American people. None with the guts to tell the truth about paying for what they want government to provide. Misleading to foster division, envy, mistrust and entitlement.


  1. There is such a thing as free money to an extent with the Federal Reserve expanding the money supply by purchasing made-up securities and then purchasing new US government debt.
    BUT….. only up to a tipping point where inflation kicks in. The current real inflation rate is above 15%. The official government statistic are being manipulated to underestimate inflation.


  2. Yo, I vote for free too! Let everyone working in college volunteer their expertise without any pay or benefits. Start there and see how it goes.

    Free is not the same as forcing others to pay.

    And, there is already massive redistribution in how SS and Medicare are funded.

    It is becoming a socialist state.

    So vote for D’s and get more stuff. But, remember Thatcher’s famous saying: socialism works well until you run out of other people’s money (paraphrased).

    Bunch of beltway pigs and fiscal abusers.


  3. Please explain to me how 10k (20k for Pell Grant recipients) moves the needle on their debt, or how 10k is even a burden, given that a car loan is typically more that that and must be paid off much sooner. . Articles I’ve read in the past claim people have six figure student debt loads. They must have a combination of govt and private loans since the govt limits your borrowing to a fairly low amount . So I wonder if these folks will still be “broke” and “overwhelmed by debt ” if this program is impmemented . Maybe they will contribute to inflation by spending money on “stuff” rather than what they would have spent on loan payments. This issue doesn’t really get under my skin personally as much as it does for others even though my father paid tuition and all expenses for my brothers and me from savings and we were all debt free. Likewise, my husband and I paid for ours from savings and cash flow from work . No debt. In the long run both my father and we retired early . But when you look at the total cost of the program , it is may be the wrong time to do this (inflationary times).


  4. If they want to cancel college student debt – why not make college and technical schools all free? Would they then want to extend free college to people wanting a Masters degree? PHD? How would they pay for this? Instead, lets stabilize SS and Medicare and figure out how to pay for these two programs


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