Interesting thought from a Tweet

It appears we can learn life lessons from many different events. This person captured two with the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

Longevity in retirement may be your greatest risk


  1. As long as Social Security continues as currently constructed and a retiree has at least a decent amount in retirement funds(401k, IRA etc.) and uses the RMD tables, then longevity won’t be a problem except as noted previously. The dreaded dementia can knock everything for a loop.

    The British royal family is a whole world apart with lifetime incomes and residences but with expectations of appearances and behavior that goes with it. I’m good with where I am.


  2. If your retirement plan relies on an inheritance, then that is no plan but does shows a level of entitlement that you don’t deserve to retire.
    As far as living that long, I can afford it right up until a major long drawn out illness. I can’t afford servants, healthcare workers, or housekeepers like the Queen.
    My greatest fear is either my spouse or I gets Dementia or Alzheimer’s and has to be put into a home. It would bankrupt the survivor. In the case of my Aunt, she has been in a home for over 5 years and nobody really knows if she realizes that her husband past two years ago. But the nursing home got what was left of the family inheritance.


  3. Prince Charles was already a very wealthy man through an ancient 14th century Prince of Wales trust that generates 30- 40 million a year in income . His son William inherits that. Charles is just richer now than he was I suppose. No worries about running out of money ! Queen Elizabeth did not live as long as her mother, though she lived a long life. There’s no guarantee of a long life no matter how long your parents lived.


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