Ten or more years from using your retirement funds?

Politicians and governments around the world have given you an opportunity!

With all investments down, perhaps way down, now is the time to pour in the cash … assuming you won’t need to use the investments for several years.

Think about:

  • Raising your 401k and IRA contributions to the maximum possible
  • Making sure all your investments – retirement related or not – are reinvesting dividends, interest and capital gain distributions.
  • Taking any spare cash even a few hundred dollars and invest in index mutual funds in a brokerage account – your investments should go beyond tax qualified retirement plans to give you more flexibility.
  • Converting your regular IRA to a Roth IRA thereby paying taxes on lower amounts and assuring future earns are tax free. Think about using a Roth 401k for future contributions if available.

Sound retirement and investment planning works at all income levels


  1. If someone is 100% invested in a diversified portfolio, where do they get the cash you speak of? You must be speaking to the market timers who lump sum cash out then wonder if they they should lump sum or dollar cost average back into the market.


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