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  1. Not sure I can take ‘more of you’ … since I had lots of you when I worked for Public Service (just kidding). Really enjoy your content and views! Thank you. I have followed HD for years … also great. Not sure when, but my past financial advisory firm – Creative Planning has him produce material last time I looked.

    here’s a link to Rob Berger – EXCELLENT

    Regards, Bob Photos & more


  2. It’s the little things that are difficult for wives left alone in their latter years. I am one of those after losing 2 spouses and I am older than you are am older than my parents when they died so unexpected issues arise from time to time that I am learning to take care of Things like changing the filter for the a/c in the attic, clogged tub etc things I can’t fix myself which incidentally I have gotten to be quite good at fixing things which saves the exuberant costs of a service provider. Be sure she calls someone reputable if calling a service man with so much crime these days. I sometimes get somewhat scared when having service people come into my house however so far have been very lucky
    Taking out the garbage brining in the groceries and reaching things on the top shelves breaking down boxes from Amazon as I usually order online rather than go to the Mall is another issue. My son lives in a distant city and still works so is unable to help on a regular basis when I need help with things around the house so hopefully your children are near to help with the little things. These are just a few of the issues I have encountered living alone older than you and trying to stay in the community rather than resorting to a living facility it’s difficult however with perseverance one manages to accomplish things in their senior years that they never thought they could do. And, if your eyes go with cataracts as most seniors have problems with to be sure to take care of that right away or it effects driving anywhere on your own restricting your ability to get out of the house (which is another expense of out of pocket expenses that isn’t in your budget unless you have Medicare supplemental) so just a few thoughts as to issues your wife may encounter in your absence however, with your active mind with keeping all of us informed, you will most likely live a lot longer than your dad with the medications and procedures they have available these days. I congratulate you on your great planning ahead and hopefully your wife won’t need to use all the things you have put in place for her for many years to com as you will be with her.


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