Medicare Advantage coverage

Before you select a Medigap plan to supplement Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan to replace Medicare, consider all the things you dislike about your current health insurance.

Things like co-pays, pre-certification, limited selection of health care providers and retrospective review of services received.

All those things are typically part of a Medicare Advantage plan. Make an informed decision and avoid being lured by the claims of no premium and extra benefits.

In other words, place what is important to you regarding health care ahead of anticipated monetary savings.

Your most important decision may be selecting a Part D prescription plan because the many variables include which medications you now or may take in the future.


  1. Great advice as usual. My wife and I did just as you suggested four years ago. We found that with the Advantage plan we were able to save about $9,000 a year verses Medicare,supplement and a drug plan. This more than covers any copays. I am 80 and she is 76 and in good health but my wife did have $26,000 in dental work this year . This was covered by what we had saved.
    But anyone with health conditions should listen to you and stay with original Medicare and a supplemental plan.

    Thanks for all your great articles always looking for the next one.



  2. The profit is great in Medicare advantage plans. The drum beat on tv is constant and the mailbox is full of advertising for them. By great, I mean that the skim allowed for the companies competing is very profitable. As JJ Walker says in his spot “dyn-o-mite”.


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