We should remember what we were trying to establish and how wise their foresight was

“Since the bond of Union is now compleat, and we once more consider ourselves as one family, it is much to be hoped that reproaches will cease and prejudices be done away; for we should all remember that we are members of that community upon whose general success depends our particular and individual welfare; and, therefore, if we mean to support the Liberty and Independence which it has cost us so much blood and treasure to establish, we must drive far away the dæmon of party spirit and local reproach.”

George Washington, Letter to Rhode Island Governor Arthur Fenner, June 4, 1790

The forces of division are many as are the forces of party over people and minds closed to compromise and acting for the long-term common good.

One comment

  1. Compromise is (usually) good.

    If one sincerely believes that abortion is murder (I do not), how is compromise possible?

    To a lesser degree, same sex marriage. ( I’ve changed a lot on that one since my youth.) And transgender/whatever.*

    Most of us can agree we don’t want Sharia law. Is it possible yo “compromise” on evangelical law?

    *I tried to tell my sister that there are thousands of babies born every year with… indeterminate? genitals. God made them, same as she and I.

    “Can you define ‘woman’?” It may not be as easy as you think.


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