Fraud and Medicare

The largest area of fraud against the government today is against Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud. Approximately 10% of all Medicare/Medicaid bills are inflated or fraudulent. That’s over $83 billion per year.

Medicare beneficiaries are aware of and participate in some of that fraud.

At the same time physicians and other health providers are underpaid when compared with the private sector- which may contribute to some of the fraud.

Medicare spending is steadily rising both in dollar terms and as a percentage of GDP. The number of beneficiaries is growing each year and with 43% selecting Medicare Advantage plans they are likely being overpaid by Medicare.

I have said and still say some form of M4A is the only way to have a 100% inclusive and fair system to cover health care expenses – but not this system.

Many things must change, not the lest of which are the expectations of Americans who must also realize that significantly higher taxes are necessary even as they are offset by some of the premiums and out of pocket costs Americans pay today.


  1. Not the Canadian system either. Yesterday, I read one report (with proof of letters sent to patients) that euthanasia is being pushed by the Canadian healthcare system. One report say that it was the leading cause of death now in Canada but I was unable to verify that claim. Canada allows healthcare provider and apparently Canada’s version of the VA suggests euthanasia to their patients instead of services. Other countries do not allow healthcare professionals to bring up the subject so it is not taken as medical advice.

    Also, Canadian courts have ruled that it is illegal to seek private health care.

    If I read this a decade ago, I would have thought that it was the republican party’s death panel BS. But I guess they were right that it would happen? After all, several states did send their sick covid patients back into nursing homes to infect the others. What is this world coming to?


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