Three years ago I wrote this and I’m still waiting…

how about you?


  1. The world has flipped over to another script since the 1930’s. Government spending has trended toward providing various social programs that theoretically solve problems but really don’t work. The programs create new problems. This has been done by debt and this is the case all over the world. The world is in debt and it continues. Add on business and household borrowing and there is probably no way out except a rash of defaults.
    Too many people have been raised on government subsidies and personal borrowing. It is all bread and circuses, not just here but in Europe and many other areas around the world. I don’t know how long it can go on as is and I don’t know how to correct the course we’re on.


  2. I think they should give every politician tokens or poker chips proportional to the amount of taxes collected in their district every year. For every bill they support, they need to put chips into the pot. If the pot doesn’t raise enough tokens to pay for the bill, then the bill cannot be voted on.

    Somehow we need to get people and politicians to understand the value of money again. I think plastic credit cards, high mortgages, government budgets, and student loans has made costs a number on a piece of paper and has no meaning.


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