Now it’s the American political right’s time to mislead and deceive about M4A and it’s the Wall Street Journal leading the way.

Read the following excepts from a recent WSJ editorial.

The Amer­i­can left can’t seem to quit its de­sire for sin­gle-payer Medicare for All. So it’s worth not­ing that the United King­dom, which al­ready has a sys­tem re­sem­bling that so­cial­ist dream, is re­thinking it amid an­other winter of health­care mis­ery…

The U.S. suf­fers a chronic prob­lem of health-care fi­nanc­ing but not of health-care de­liv­ery. Britain shows that with sin­gle-payer you end up with both. The U.K. also shows that sin­gle-pay­er’s big­gest vic­tims are low-in­come peo­ple who can’t af­ford to opt out. Sen. Bernie Sanders and other Medicare for All spin­ners will al­ways be able to af­ford qual­ity care. Will you?

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board January 15, 2023

The above is not only inaccurate, the WSJ editors know it. The British NHS is nothing like Medicare

The NHS runs hospitals and employs hundreds of thousand of doctors and other health care professionals. It’s budget determines to some extent the health care that can be provided.

Medicare does none of that and neither would M4A. Medicare is an insurance system, the NHS is a health care delivery system. To compare the two systems as equal is reprehensible. There is a big difference between single payer and single provider.

The claim of wait times for care in the NHS is true, but guess what, wait times are real in the US as well, Medicare or not.

The Sen Sanders version of Medicare for All is a pipe dream, unaffordable and unworkable. HOWEVER, applying the basic concept of Medicare as a universal insurance system fairly using deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance together with income based premiums and taxes to pay for it is just common sense. Oh yes, and fairly compensating all health care providers which means higher than current Medicare levels.

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