Pay for performance

For 2022, Cook received compensation of $99.4 million, including $3 million in base salary, about $83 million in stock awards and a bonus. That was up slightly from 2021, when his total pay package was $98.7 million.

By the way, that comes to about $18.29 per Apple employee. Frankly I have no problem with how most CEOs are paid because the great bulk of their compensation is performance based-at risk. And, the cost of their stock based compensation is borne by shareholders.

If a CEO does not earn his or her keep, that’s a problem for the Board of Directors and shareholders. One thing is sure, what a CEO is paid has no impact on the company employees. The analysis between a CEO’s compensation and worker pay is a false narrative, bogus, smoke and mirrors – politically driven by the way.

Speaking of politics, how about a total compensation package for Congress based on performance?

One comment

  1. To truly motivate, pay-based compensation structures, you need both rewards and penalties to match positive and negative outcomes, respectively. For Congress, given their recent performance over the past six decades, they would need to be millionaires before they took office – in order to finance their negative outcomes.


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