Here we go, stand by for the VAT rhetoric, watch them jump on board

The fact is every European country uses a national sales tax or a VAT. That’s how they help pay for all the social programs.

Amazing concept, paying for what you want.

In addition, VAT taxes are adjusted lower or eliminated on goods and services that are essential to lower income citizens (food, medicine for example). A VAT is a tax on consumption. and there are many ways to adjust them for fairness.

Beware the extreme rhetoric

It’s already working for the American left, just look at the comments on Twitter


  1. The left wants it both ways. They want the governmental social spending Scandinavian citizens enjoy but it must all be paid for by the “rich”. The citizens of those nations all pay through the nose for those benefits, not only the “rich”. Sen. Warren and colleagues count on ignorance of such details when they make their statements.


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