Pensions for members of Congress

The very existence of a pension plan for members of Congress is counter to the original intent and actions by the Founders. Serving in Congress was never intended to be a career, rather a public service to be fulfilled and then return to one’s job.

A pension implies long-term employment. That should not be the case.

While serving, Members should have access to health benefits and a defined contribution retirement plan similar to a 401k, but not a pension based on longevity of employment.


  1. Elected officials are not “employees,” and they shouldn’t have a pension. Something like a 401k should suffice, IMO.


  2. I don’t get that term limits would be an improvement for the legislative branch. Vote them out if they aren’t doing what you want, or if their constituency evolves.
    Wouldn’t term limits give the unelected bureaucracy even more power than they now have? The so called Deep State.
    For the executive, president, governor, mayor, sure. Two terms and out.
    Speaking of bureaucracy, Trump has said one of his priorities, if re-elected, would be to make most, especially high level federal employees “at will”, to be fired for any reason, or no reason at all.

    I can see the attraction to the idea, but I see a lot more danger. Thinking specifically of the administration of the National Weather Service in Alabama.


  3. I totally agree, but how do we stop lawmakers from passing laws to benefit themselves instead of the general public?

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