Our classless, disrespectful politics

When your reasoning ability is low, when you’re an ideologue, when you have no class… it’s easy to get you to rise to the bait.

You may not like the other party, the individual in that party or the policies, but respect for the office and the system is required.

This isn’t the House of Commons.

Source: Wall Street Journal


  1. What’s so bad about the House of Commons? It may be chaotic, but has also been described as “colorful”. And even effective.
    If someone wants to make a fool of themselves, why not let them?
    “Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself.” Napoleon.

    On the other hand, HoC has been described as:
    “seating face to face (designed like choir stalls in a church), where the parties are two swords’ widths apart so that disagreements cannot immediately lead to duels.”


    What do you think of handguns on the House or Senate floor? They are apparently allowed in member’s offices, but not on the floor. Of course, the metal detectors were the first things to go with the new Congress. What’s the worst that could happen?


  2. Precedence was set by the prior speaker of the house (ripping up the SOTU address) and Obama. What’s good for one is good for all…


  3. The office does deserve respect. And, I believe they all accorded the President respect when he entered the chamber by standing up.

    Sorry, but we all can’t be members of the Supreme Court, with poker faces, to endure face to face criticism by President Obama. Did you forget this famous example:

    So why would anyone expect decorum when the President tells lies to tens of millions of Americans, as President Obama did here and as President Biden did repeatedly last night?

    I think Marjorie Taylor Green is an idiot, but, the larger surprise, to me, was that every Republican did not stand up and shout obscenities at our lying President.


  4. The truth shall set you free. It’s the context that gets you in trouble.
    Disclaimer: I voted for Biden and still satisfied with that vote.
    He said a lot of things that were technically true, but misleading. I wish he hadn’t done that. *

    Also, as crass as MTG may be, I believe that is exactly the reaction Biden was hoping for. I was more amused than dismayed.

    *I wish? If any politician told the whole truth, he would never get elected.


  5. I know this looks distasteful. I agree that it’s not the direction we want to head. If the press did it’s job and was fair in the way they presented information, perhaps those who were boisterous at the SOTU would be able to rely on the truth, in the face of our President telling lies. Yes, Biden equivocated by saying “many” then “some”, but he certainly meant to give the impression that it was the Republican Party’s aim to defund SS and Medicare. Frustration mounts when duplicitous ranker is allowed.

    So, what is the right path forward when a group is being lied about on national television?


      1. Listen to the candidates, research online their claims, statements and fabrications, and arrive at our own conclusions…is this particular candidate or that one…worthy of our vote. We cannot trust any of the mainstream media (including cable news outlets) for unbiased, truthful reporting. We are responsible for arriving at our own decisions.


  6. I would find it hard to just sit there and listen to the lies and prevarications spewed by Biden without reacting. The Governor of Arkansas, Sarah H. Sanders, was completely on target during her rebuttal. Biden is a disgrace and does not deserve respect.


    1. I don’t watch any SOTU address for those reasons. It’s not a matter of what is said or who says it. There is a time and forum for honest debate – and viable proposals. Shouting in the Capital like a fifth grader playing dodgeball isn’t it. That is exactly what is wrong with our Country – people accept such behavior.


      1. This SOTU address had the second lowest national viewership in 30 years. The only one watched by fewer people…Biden’s first SOTU. Easy to understand why. I did not watch either, but I did see clips of the (so-called) “highlights.”


  7. I don’t have a problem with comments from elected officials when they strongly disagree with another politician. Should they all March in lockstep? Clapping seals? There were plenty of nonstop jeers when Trump spoke, not to mention a particular speaker that tore up a speech she didn’t like.
    Let’s be honest Biden is a dumb, dishonest, corrupt, pervert that is obviously lying about the state of the union. The government collects enough money to cover preexisting expenses. They always use SS, Medicare, Medicare, military as a shield when they want to spend more. How about we stop giving up billions to corrupt governments around the world? Leaving behind billions to our enemies when we cut and run? Open our border to untold, unknown millions? How are they going to support themselves? Let me guess, heartless to even ask?
    I have no problem laying the blame for inflation with both parties, they decided to have a nation wide vacation to combat a bad flu, how did that work? Not very impressive. Trillions more spent in 2020, only to be out done in 2021, with an uncountable amount in fraud.
    Sorry, a little real time rebuttal is admissible for the whoppers that were being flung around
    by an unconcerned incompetent leader. Unfortunately our form of government requires virtuous leadership.


    1. No problem with comments either, or honest disagreement and debate, but the office deserves respect and the fact the same may have been done to Trump is no excuse. It’s crude and rude and reflects to dignity of those who participate. By the way, your statements are not accurate.


      1. Sorry we’ll disagree here. Curtesy and decorum is a two way street.
        Aside from this disagreement, enjoy the blog.


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