Mind your own business Senators

Widespread wage theft? A skewered up system – even a disaster implementation perhaps – been there, done that. Too long to fix the problems? So it appears.

But widespread wage theft? Give me a break. Why would a large corporation risk its reputation by committing petty theft from workers?

More like good publicity for the anti-business crowd. Sen Sanders and Warren jumped on it by Tweeting all about the big bad corporation.

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) – Several Kroger associates have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that their employer has engaged in widespread wage theft against its employees after adopting a new payroll system in 2022.

In mid 2022, Kroger rolled out a new system nationwide called My Time to handle its payroll and timekeeping. According to a class action lawsuit filed by several Kroger associates in the grocery chain’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Area, the system has resulted in many Kroger associates being denied their legally earned compensation.

Lead Attorney for the suit Matthew Handley had this to say: “In really no uncertain terms, the rollout has been a bit of a disaster. There have been just a whole host of problems that have resulted from this new roll out, resulting in employees who have not been paid for all hours worked, including, some of them, going weeks without any sort of pay.

Donna Smith, an associate at the Belpre Kroger, said she’s seen widespread duplicate charges for insurance premiums across the staff that have yet to be resolved. She elaborated on other issues she’s had personally as well. “I personally have not been paid my time and a half that I had earned for working extra,” she said. “I’m waiting on that. Personal days or holiday pay, I have not been paid correctly for that. “

Source: WTAP


  1. This appears out of the purview of Senators Warren and Sanders. Things must be slow in Washington for them to take time to criticize Kroger for a software foul up. That doesn’t mean Kroger should get off scot free. Upper level management at Kroger need a good kick in the rear for putting out a piece of garbage timekeeping and payroll system. They might want to hire some competent software people as well. You just don’t mess up employees pay checks and dawdle over fixing it for weeks or months. There is no excuse. Restitution should be prompt.
    As for the Washington crowd, they need to stay in their lane.


  2. Everything is magnified and overhyped by politicians today, so as to not let an opportunity pass that furthers their agenda. I agree that wide spread theft by large corporations of wages from employees are likely few and far between, but it does happen. I worked for a large grocery chain in upstate NY when I first started working back in the mid 70’s. After a labor department audit, it was determined that several thousand employees were owed money for time not recorded as worked and it was found to be a directive from a certain segment of management. This was well before the advent of digital time keeping. Of course, no admission of wrong doing was admitted by the corporation. But I remember getting a pretty sizable check and tighter controls were instituted. Politicians today create false crisis’s, making mountains out of molehills to implement solutions that further their goals.


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