How can we move forward on healthcare when progress is blocked by misinformation and ignorance?

Some CEO pay or even insurance company CEO pay has nothing to do with high health care costs. Robert Reich is out in left field, way out, but pretty good at Tweeting nonsense.

Coco doesn’t know what field he is in. Ah, free market medicine – sounds great until some real bills or a long-term serious illness hits. I get a kick about folks who compare Medicare with the UK national health care system. They clearly demonstrate they know nothing about either.


  1. Just saw a United Healthcare TV ad for Medicare (3/22/23). Why is there a Medicare plan that covers groceries and utilities? I get the dental and eye care, but utilities. This is just running up the costs for medical insurance paying for non-medical things.


  2. I could go for Medicare for all except the cost would be sky high, especially when the reimbursement rates got adjusted upward where they would need to be. Also, we don’t have the number of providers needed.


  3. I guess you would like a Canadian healthcare system that has very long wait times measured in months for cancer patients and pushes MAiL to the sick and disabled?


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