Is Working From Home Really Working?

By Steven Rattner

Mr. Rattner was a counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration.

Quiet quitting. Working from home. The Great Resignation.

Whatever you want to call it, the attitude of many Americans toward work appears to have changed during the long pandemic — and, generally speaking, not for the better. This new approach threatens to do long-lasting damage to economic growth and prosperity.

New York Times Opinion March 22, 2023

Has America gone soft?
You betcha!

And somebody else is going to eat our lunch😢


  1. I work from home 100 %. It was 80 % before the pandemic for 5 or 6 years. I work more hours than I did when I was in the office and save 4+ hours in commute time. My first WFH was in 1992. If you are a person that works – they get their money’s worth from you. If you are a slacker – perhaps not. That said, it’s not like being in an office means that a person is really working.


  2. Apathetic Workers in State and Local Government Are Costing Taxpayers Billions

    Gallup (2016)

    “Based on a nationwide survey of state and local government employees in 43 of 50 states, Gallup found that 71 percent of the work force was “disengaged” or unenthusiastic about their jobs – and unwilling or incapable of improving their output. By contrast, only 29 percent said they felt fully engaged in their work and eager to improve on the services they provide.”

    “More broadly, employee disengagement across the economy costs the U.S. economy roughly $500 billion a year, which suggests that the problem is just as prevalent — or more so — within the private sector.”
    It’s an annual survey. And was obviously affected by Covid.


  3. I look at the war in the Ukraine, the people living, dying, fighting in the rubble without food, water, and heat this past winter. It makes me wonder how people survived during World War II. People were fighting and living for years under those conditions. Even the civilians who were not fighting or even not living in the war zone of Europe had it rough.

    Then I think of Americans today, who are more concerned about which alphabet group that they belong to, which pronoun they want to be called, which kind of victim they are, or if they will be forced to work in an office building again.

    If World War III were to happen, millions of Americans would die out of the shock that they had to personally fend for themselves or be asked to defend our nation. I have another word for being soft but I can’t type it here.

    I spent 35 years as an essential worker. If it looked like I was unable to get to work because of a storm, I was required to sleep on the floor before storm so that I was there during the storm. It is unbelievable to me, that there are government offices that still have not returned to work. I say that if they are not in the office, then fire them. It is obvious that we do not need them and we could put the tax money that was paying them toward paying down the national debt.


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