The headlines say inflation has slowed

Following is the CPI-W index for the months indicated. The CPI-W is used to calculate the Social Security COLA.

Is this what you call easing?

December 2022. 291.051

January 2023. 293.565

February 2023 295.057

March 2023 296.021


  1. Yes, Dick. This is exactly what easing looks like. It is the change in the inflation rate that is decreasing. Easing just means that the inflation rate is less this month than last month, which you can see by looking at the change in the index getting smaller each month. The index is a price index. The difference is the measure of inflation.


    1. Exactly, it is the rate of change. “No inflation” does not mean that price will return to pre-inflationary pricing. No inflation means prices (as a whole) will not raise. Some item’s prices may raise and fall on the supply and demand as a cause, such as when they become obsolete or is the latest gadget like a new iphone.

      The rate of change has been getting smaller on a rolling 12-month period. Do yourself and favor and don’t look back several years. It will make you sick and confirm what you already know. Food shopping has gotten more expensive.


    2. Yes, the rate of increase has slowed, but it is still increasing and I think unless it totally stabilizes or declines then we have just half a loaf.


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