To work or not to work?

Just as it’s not true everyone receiving government assistance is a lazy slacker, it must also be true there are those who could and should be working who aren’t.

The food as­sistance pro­gram (SNAP) in­cludes a pu­ta­tive re­quire­ment that most ablebod­ied adults ages 18 to 49 who don’t have chil­dren should work or at­tend train­ing for 20 hours a week. But Con­gress waved away that stan­dard dur­ing the pan­demic emer­gency, which is sup­posed to end in May af­ter three years.

WSJ 4-21-23

De­moc­rats claim these households are al­ready work­ing, but then why ob­ject to a re­quire­ment? More than four mil­lion Amer­i­cans ages 18 to 59 who aren’t dis­abled and don’t have chil­dren at home are on food stamps, ac­cord­ing to the Con­gressional Re­search Ser­vice. Yet only one in four are em­ployed.

Wsj 4-21-23

It would appear a simple matter. If one is able bodied and does not meet the other requirements such as caring for children, they should be working – even a minimum wage job while retaining benefits.

So why is it so political?

As with all social matters, there is no easy solution. What do you do about those who violate the law, who can do, but don’t? I’m assuming most of us don’t want them to starve, or die from lack of healthcare.

Why can’t political extremes see the need for rational compromise? No social welfare system is perfect. There are always those who take advantage.

One comment

  1. It’s political because it’s a government program. The congresspersons range from those who believe in a guaranteed income, work or no work, to those who don’t believe in a welfare program except in the most dire of circumstances.
    Given the number of drug addled who no one trusts with a job and the gang bangers and general loafers, I’m surprised any requirements still exist for SNAP and other assorted welfare programs.


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