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Financial Crossroads Podcast

Work and life involve more than making and spending money. Still personal finances and values can impact career and lifestyle transitions. In this podcast series, hosted by Rand Spero, hear from people who have effectively navigated their own crossroads. What proved unexpected and what worked for them? The goal is to inspire by sharing guests’ sense of adventure and their willingness to grow.

Be sure and listen to my interview on this podcast.


10: Driven to Succeed, 4/29/23

Last year I was asked by personal finance writer Jonathan Clements, who founded and edits the blog https://humbledollar.com/, to submit an essay about my own financial journey. The process required considerable personal reflection. His recently published book My Money Journey – How 30 People Found Financial Freedomprovides many interesting stories. It inspired me to conduct interviews with some other contributors.

This is the first episode of a series of talks with these writers. My first guest Dick Quinn rose from a modest background to become a successful compensation and benefits executive.

Reading his essay Driven to Succeed, he exudes a determination to be financially independent while having a positive sense of family and self. Retired since 2010, Dick and his wife have visited 44 countries. He frequently writes for HumbleDollar.


  1. Mr Quinn- Thank you for passing on the like to the podcast!  I finally got to hear your voice.  If the Humble Dollar gets together next year, I hope to meet you face to face. Smith SmallwoodSummerville, SC


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