When so many people think like this …

… how do we get anywhere with fiscal responsibility?

They may not be able to create endless amounts of money and debt, but too many Americans live like the federal government. Borrow and spend, spend and borrow with no viable plan to stop the cycle. 😢


  1. Financial literacy and responsibility needs to be taught and required in high school so the youth if this country can understand what they need to do to build wealth. Not borrow, spend, and wind up in debt!


  2. “…too many Americans live like the federal government. Borrow and spend, spend and borrow with no viable plan to stop the cycle. 😢”

    My Dad, like millions of others, probably died in debt. My stepmother survived him, and probably died in debt, also.

    “A comprehensive survey found that 73% of Americans are likely to die with debt.”

    I was in debt from the age of 21 until… After I retired. Negative self worth. (2009, my house was under water.) Our IRAs had just taken a hit. I still had a car payment, HELOC, and unsecured consumer debt.

    As I get older, I get more and more “liberal”. I do not believe all student debt, or medical debt should be canceled. Abated, perhaps, for those in the most need, and in the (near) future, some type of universal healthcare and basic public college government subsidization. We all benefit from that.

    3,793 likes is negligible.

    For the federal government, there is no ” end”.


  3. Face the changing tide of normalization of what used to be judged by social norms as wrong or perverted. In no certain order of importance or relativity are such beliefs as:

    1)I’m responsible as an adult for the decisions I make. “It seems increasingly not necessarily
    because society shares the blames and owes me redress”.

    2) The U.S. is a great country with opportunities to better yourself through application of your own hard word. “I feel I have been oppressed, wronged, and wrung thru the system thru no fault of my own because of others who are long since dead or presently living are discriminating against me”.

    3) I feel bad about myself now but I will change for the better thru my own efforts. “ I need drugs to feel better about myself”.


  4. For the typical narcissistic herd It’s all about “getting the compensation YOU deserve”. If I was an attorney these days I would be ashamed to admit it in public. As a Marine Vietnam vet I should be lining up for “my share” of Agent Orange and Camp Lejeune compensation but I ain’t doing it.


  5. Consumers should be responsible for debt in whatever form. Medical debt is a tricky matter. I would agree with some modification of medical debt but not that used for purely cosmetic purposes. Otherwise, my family has owned up to all debytincluding student debt over the years.


  6. I am willing to give just Ms Burns her credit reset to somewhere between 1900 and 1970. Back in the days when if you didn’t have cash, you didn’t buy it. Back during the early days of credit cards where you couldn’t get one and if you did it was for only $300. Back in the days when stores had revolving charge cards that if you didn’t pay they would come and get your washer and dryer. Yes I am willing for her to have a credit reset to zero.


  7. Unfortunately the socialist ideology has been passed down through the generations. They use terms like sharing the responsibilities. In short it’s “you pay”.
    I had borrowed money for school, and later a small fortune to start a business. My main goal was “ how fast can I repay this money “. Never would it had occurred to me to have someone else pay it off.
    As I’ve heard the saying “ if the money you borrow isn’t important enough for you to repay it, it’s really not important to me either”.


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